WIFI enabled switches, dimmers, and more

We are living in an exciting time, WIFI enabled devices are taking our home devices like switches, dimmers, thermostats flood lights and more to the next level. Just a few years ago you would have to spend thousands of dollars to get the features offered today in these devices. Home automation used to be a pricey item because you would have to purchase expensive equipment and hire a professional installer to get it installed.

Today its much easier and less expensive, over the past few years we have been installing the new devices and getting feed back from the home-owners and although some have been a let down others are proving to be the future of smart homes and maybe the end of expensive home automation.

Switches and dimmers

There are many new WIFI enabled switches and dimmers, so how do you pick the right one? Well we have installed of few different ones and have grown to love a switch called TP link switches they offer all the features you get with a lighting system but do not have to purchase an operating device, or hub as they call them. When you purchase one of these switches you simply replace the existing switch with this device and set up the configuration for this device like naming it according to the lights it controls and programming the times you want the lights to turn on and off, and that it the lights can work themselves now and you always have control of them from the switch location or your smart device from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection.

Along with these switches TP link also offers WIFI enabled dimmers which do all the same things but also can dimm the lights being controlled, WIFI enabled outlets which are a good for families with kids so you can program the outlets to control their TVs and lights and turn off at a certain time or at their bedtime and also instantly if they are being bad.

Thermostats devices on WIFI

Along with the switches dimmers and outlets WIFI enabled thermostats have been on the market for over 3 years now, the most popular is the NEST thermostat. These thermostats are an easy install and simply replaces your existing thermostat. It learns your habits and programs itself accordingly. It also gives you the option the convenience of controlling the AC in an instant with a setting on your smart device again from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The options are endless

Whether you want one or multiple devices installed in your home you have many options to choose from, we recommend that you select a product that is compatible with Alexa or Google assistant, that way you have the option to control these devices by simply telling Alexa or Google to control them.

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