Why hire a licensed Miami Residential Electrician

Home owners and business owners will need some sort of electrical service at some point whether it’s replacing light fixtures, repairing some electrical system or adding a new circuit for some new equipment. If you do not have a go to electrician then it’s time to start making calls and find one, maybe one a friend of yours knows. But what’s the difference between a licensed electrician and some average Joe, jack of all trades, or some standing outside of a hardware store electrician?

Let’s face it, a licensed electrician can seem expensive when you compare his price against a Joe off the street that says he knows what he is doing. It seems like a great deal until the light or device stops working and he won’t fix it or what’s worse is that if the job he did messed up your electrical system or maybe it hurt or killed someone. That’s right electrical wiring done incorrectly can hurt or kill somebody, it happens more than you think. We have been called out to jobs to make repairs and reports on properties where someone was hurt and/or killed by some faulty wiring.

The important thing to remember is that anyone can make a light turn on but only a licensed electrician can make sure it’s installed correctly and safely. There are numerous codes for every situation that an average Joe or Jack of all trades will not know about, and it’s important that you realize that hiring an unlicensed electrician can cost you big time. Here we will discuss why it’s important and actually less expensive in the long run to hire a professional Miami residential Electrician.

Cheaper is never better

Let’s get one thing straight, Money is important, but not as important as someones well-being or life. Also think about what will happen if you save a few hundred bucks, then get sued for hurting someone, not being able to hold your “jack” liable and having to pay for medical bills and the lawsuit to follow. Now those few hundred bucks saved multiply to a few thousand spent on lawyers, medical and compisation for the person that got an electrical shock at your property because you hired a person that said he knows what he is doing but does not carry a license or insurance to cover for this mess.

Unfortunately this happens alot here in South Florida, also another thong that we have encountered alot is that we lose a job because some “Jack: gives a better price and then disappears and the owner loses their money. Now they call us back and on top of what we were charging them add what they paid the :Jack: and our price is now almost double. When they should have picked a licensed electrician in the first place and now our original price doe sent seem so bad. Not to mention of you get busted by code enforcement that will issue you double fines, and also the new contractor has to rip out what was done because it’s not up to code and star new.

These scenarios are just a few that seem to keep happening here in South Florida, and it’s sad to see a customer go through this stress when they could have just did it right the first time and finished their project on time and on budget, but most importantly knowing that the job was done correctly and the safety of them and their family is in good hands. Not to mention that real companies offer a 1-year warranty just in case something stops working, they will come back and fix it at no extra cost.


Electricity is dangerous

We have grown so accustomed to living with electricity that we have come to think of it as nothing more that a part of our home. But little do we know that electricity installed the wrong way can lead to some dangerous situations.

Electrical contractors are masters of a book called the National Electrical Code or the NEC which is updated every 3 years. This book is like the electricians Bible, it sets the standard for electrical installation and every city in the united states must follow these codes.

If you were to ask your :Jack about this book they probably would not know what you were talking about. Like we said before, just because a light turns on does not mean it was installed correctly. Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day.

The almighty Ground wire

Staying grounded is very important not only in your life but in your electrical system. But what is the ground wire and what is it for? Well lets just say that the ground wire is useless until it saves you from electrical shock.

What we are trying to say is that the ground wire seems like it serves no purpose, but in reality it serves a very important purpose and that is to protect you from electrical shock. In the event of over current, the ground wire provides a path to ground with the least resistance, a lower resistance than you toughing the equipment and providing a path to ground. Like the saying goes “path of least resistance” that is the path electricity will follow, whether it’s a properly installed and sized ground wire or your body touching the equipment and ground.

You might notice at least once in your lifetime touching lets say a washer machine a little electric shock, why is that? Because the electricity does not have a clear path to ground, it will take the next best path, often times being the human body, and this can usually hurt but sometimes kill.

So if you felt this slight tingle or may just think something doesn’t look right call a residential electrician today for a free electrical check and keep you and you family safe from electrical shock.

Breaker sizing, leave it to the pros. Please

Breaker sizing means installing a breaker according to the wire size. We follow a table in the NEC that guides us on what breaker we can install on a certain wire size, but also include how many wires are in the conduit, the type of insulation, how long is the run, and what temperature rating we must follow.

As you can see from the description above it’s not as easy as guessing what size to put for an existing circuit. alot of time we have seen a “Jack of all trades” say it’s tripping because we need to put a larger breaker, but what happens then?, Now your 20 amp wire has a 60 amp breaker, and yes it’s doe sent trip anymore but now the wire that can only handle 20 amps is now running on 40 amps over heating the wire and potentially causing a fire.

A real electrician would have determined the root cause of the over current and made the corrections accordingly, there is a number of issues that of addressed by the wrong person can lead to more problems in the future. Please only hire licensed electricians to work for you, the cost of their mistake can cost you more that what the highest bid was.


In the End

I do not mean to sound biased but licensed electricians are in it to do a great job for you, i understand that the lower number looks good on paper, but once you see what events can happen when things go wrong then you will wish that you went with the licensed electrician.

But why are licensed electricians so pricey? Well it comes down to this, we have insurance to pay, which also protect you, we pay are tech which are trained and back ground checked for your piece of mind and also we guarantee or work, which is also great for you. If anything goes wrong a licensed electrician will correct the problem with no additional charge.

For these reasons it’s easy to see why hiring a licensed electrician is your best bet, we might seem more expensive off the bat, but once you acknowledge the advantages of a licensed contractor then the price seems alot better. Remember electricity doesn’t play, one wrong move and there is no warning, please only hire licensed electricians to work on your property. If you have any questions or comments please comment below. Thank You.





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