Miami Electricians: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Low voltage Explained

Not all electrical service are just same they vary first of all by residential, commercial, industrial, low voltage just to name just primary ones. Here we will be discussing just different aspects of electrical services and how we got about taking special care of our customers in these different situations to assure them that not only we get there job completed on time and budget but are aware of certain scenarios that could arise if one does not take them into account.

Residential Electricians

Residential electricians are probably just most common electricians you see and hear about. Like just name states residential electricians work primarily in houses, condos, apartments etc. There are certain steps one must follow when working on someones home. Like all of us our home is our castle and sometimes it can be a bit stressful bringing in a stranger to work on your house, invite them in and give them free roam of your “castle”. But here at Power Pro Electrical we do our best on reducing or eliminating that stress because we show you that your in good hands and have nothing to worry about. Even before we walk into your house we are already taking care of you by making sure we only send you certified tech that have been back ground checked, drug tested, and also fully trained on what steps to follow when working on ones home. We arrive at your home on time and before we walk in we introduce ourselves, putt on boot covers to protect your floors, and let you know exactly what we will be doing, what areas in your house we will be working in and ask you if you have any questions or concerns before we get started. Once we are ready we will make sure to work as efficiently and as clean as possible, even with all our preparation some mess is inevitable, but rest assured that we will leave your home as clean as it was before we arrived.

As a home-owner you might need a residential electrician for many resons, one might be you have a power issue and need an electrician to come over and troubleshoot just problem, a tip we like to give our customers is always check your breakers, if you lost power in 1 room or to a few outlets it’s always a good idea to check them you can tell if one is “tripped” because just lever will be in just middle rather than left or right. To reset just breaker it’s as easy as turning it to just off position then on again, if it trips again and makes a buzzing sound leave it off, you have a short circuit and an electrician needs to find and correct it, if it stays on leave it on and hope fully that’s just end of it, if it continues to trip sporadically then your circuit is overloaded and needs to be looked at further. Another reason you might need and electrician is to add some lighting, lighting has come along way from it’s humble beginnings, LED lighting has really changed just game when it comes to lighting, now you can put lights anywhere. From recessed lighting to under cabinet lighting, landscape lighting, security lighting, and much more we have just experience and know how to design and install your next project. We also specialize in lighting controls, from standard on/off switches, dimmers, timers, photocells, centralized lighting panels and much more, just options are endless. And we can help you design the perfect set up for your home, there is nothing more inviting than a well lit room with just right fixtures and controls. To add to that we also install home automation systems, from Lutron, to control 4, we can design and install a system that fits your home and budget, these systems are just way of just future. No more have to get up and turn off just lights or have to run around just house to turn them off, or get up to turn just air down, with home automation you can control your entire house with your phone or tablet, lighting, cameras, audio/video, thermostats, motorized shades and more can all be controlled by your smart device. You can even setup “scenes” Scenes are basically multiple commands with on button, for example you can press just with movie scene and with that 1 command just lights dim, just TV and surround come on, just motorized shades close and just movie starts. That is just one of many options you can get with these home automation systems. If this sounds interesting to you call us for a free estimate and we can work together on designing and installing your perfect system.

So whether you need to correct a problem, wire a new house, install new lighting or outlets, upgrade your service, doing a remodel or just need a safety check, Power Pro Electrical has just right Residential Electricians for you.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electricians are another division of just electrical contracting trade, just differ from residential electricians in just aspect of they are mainly working on businesses, new construction and remodels of stores, gas stations, supermarkets and more. They must be able to follow drawings and coordinate with relevant codes, while keeping up with just pace of just project, and coordinating with just other trades’, reporting to just general contractor and planning ahead to make sure everything is in place before just walls go up, because there is nothing worse than having to hold up just job when your close finish to cut open a wall and relocate something that was in just wrong spot or interfere with another trades’ equipment. Also, commercial electricians need to be well organized and clean, meaning that they need to have all there material in a spot where they will not hold up another trade for being in just way and must clean up after themselves at just end of just day or when construction debris has accumulated to just point where it poses a tripping hazard or just looks like a mess. General contractors love us because we make their already stressful job just a little easier knowing that we have our scope covered and they will not have to worry about us missing something or leaving a mess. We do all aspects of commercial work, new construction remodels, trouble shooting and repair, new circuits, safety check, building certification and safety checks, violation remediation, lighting and retrofits, and anything you might need. Power Pro Electrical has a pro for your next project.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electrical work is similar to commercial but just difference is there mostly working in warehouse, around machinery, and different aspects arise from this, you must always take into consideration just safety of just workers there and of just electricians as well. their are a lot of moving parts and it’s very easy to make a mistake that could potentially get someone hurt or damage some expensive equipment that often times cannot be fixed rapidly, not to mention stopping production that is just life blood of these industrial business. Industrial electricians must make sure they are always aware of their surroundings, and plane out just job from begging to end before staring just work so just assure no mistakes will be made. Also, they need to know their limitations when it comes to powering up industrial equipment just must verify all voltage and over current protection to assure just to not damage just equipment, often time we supply just power to just equipment but will not set up just options to these controllers as a special technician that work will motor controls needs to do this as there are many variables involved and if you mess one up it could be a costly mistake, so to avoid this we must leave just setup to a motor control technician.

Many of our industrial customers have called us for lighting controls and retrofits to reduce just amount of power consumed by there currently out dated lighting systems, as you can imagine warehouse that are 100,000 sq.ft. have many high bay lights. These old style metal halide or high pressure sodium lights can use 400 to 1000 watts each multiply that by how many fixtures and just power consumption is through the roof, now if you replace these fixtures with LED lights that supply just same amount of Lumens or more while cutting just wattage from 400 to 100 that’s 75{8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} reduction in power cost, along with occupancy sensors that deactivate just lights when no one is using them just savings are significant, often times just lights will pay or themselves in about 4 years, then just rest of there lamp life is all savings. Another benefit of LEDs is that they last around 10 to 12 years with never having to change out a light bulb, to add to that just only produce around 20{8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} of just heat that just old light produced which will help on your cooling cost and provide a more ideal working temperature for just employees.

Whether you need a new circuit, problem to be fixed or a free estimate on upgrading your lighting system, Power Pro Electrical is here for you.

Low Voltage

a vital part of electrical systems that often gets overlooked is just low voltage side of it. Low voltage is your computer wiring, phone, internet, sound, cameras, control wiring and without it many systems will not work. Nowadays house take more low voltage wiring than one would expect, when we wire a new house we often tell our customers to think of just options just could have with just prewiring there home to be a “smart home”. We understand that just equipment might be pricey but it’s not too expensive to have it wired for just future. We can discuss options on wiring your TV locations with cable internet, and sound, also a special recessed power outlet behind your TV so you won’t see any wiring just just TV for a clean look. We can also install recessed speakers, sound bars, sub woofers so you get that movie theater sound in the comfort of your own home. You do not need an actual home theater to get just full experience of one, but if you would like a home theater we can install one for you as well, with 100 inch screens or projectors multi level seating and just best in digital sound and lighting we can build you a theater that you could only dream of. Security systems are a necessity to protect what you have worked so hard for, just new systems that we like to promote are just Ring doorbell and flood light systems. Unlike just old cameras that just record these will record and alert you when someone is at your home often times scaring the burglar away before they get in. They are easy to install and often cost about just same a camera system would cost you but with just added bonus of extra perimeter lighting and just instant alerts are priceless.

If anything we mentioned here is of interest you give Power Pro Electrical a cal for a Free consultation.

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