Residential Electricians for home remodels in Miami

Whether your doing a simple bathroom or kitchen remodel or doing a just purchased a home that needs to be rewired completely, it helps to have a residential electrician that has the experience to stream line the project. There are many situations that may occur in a remodel that an electrician not familiar with remodels that they may miss, that will usually result in delays and also ruin finished wall and tile in order to make these corrections. Here at Power Pro Electrical we specialize in residential electrical remodels and know what steps to take to make your remodel a little less stressful.

Bathroom, kitchen and full house remodels

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are probably the more common types of remodels that home-owners have at their homes. We have worked with many general contractors, home flippers and of course home-owners during this process. They re fairly less complicated than full house remodels but just like any remodel you would like it down sooner better than later. A full house remodel is a bit more complicated especially if you are currently living in the residence, but with the right crew the project will feel alot less stressful.

Bathroom Remodels

Lets start with bathrooms, the normally easier of the two, for the most part bathroom remodels consist of light switches and GFCI receptacles. What is a GFCI? You might ask, GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and basically is an electrical outlet that is made especially for wet locations like bathroom, kitchens, outdoors, garages, etc. They are safety outlets and protect you from accidentally dropping an electrical device like a blow-dryer or radio into the water, if something like this were to occur the GFCI will trip (cut of the power) saving you from electrocution. These little devices are very important and have saved countless lives, so it a good idea to make sure you currently have them installed in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, and outdoors, and you don’t have them please call us or any licensed electrical contractor to get them installed where required asap for you and your families safety.

Aside from GFCIs, lighting is very important in the bathrooms, normally we recommend installing a few recessed lights, depending on the size of the bathroom, a few in the common area and one in the shower, and some sconce lighting goes well alongside of the vanity mirror or on top of the mirror. If you want to get fancy we offer installation of back lit mirrors that have a LED strip light around the mirror which sits about 1 or 3 inches away from the wall giving it a very nice look.

Also if you don’t have a window in your bathroom code requires you to have an exhaust fan to remove the moisture and avoid mold build up, their are also a few different types of these exhaust fans like the standard cheap ones to the super quiet and the fancy ones, depending on your budget you have a few options to choose from and will not only bring you up to code but give your bathroom a look that you will love.

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels are our specialty, we have completed numerous kitchen remodels and no 2 are the same. If you are remodeling your kitchen that its probably outdated and so is the electrical system in your kitchen. Remember that when you pull a permit for a project you need to bring the system up to current codes.

In the kitchen you need to assure your electrical contractor is familiar with the new codes for kitchen, Back in the day the kitchen circuits were fed from 2 to 3 circuits, but now current electrical codes will require that you have many circuits feeding your kitchen. For starters you need a minimum of 2 small appliance circuits to feed your common appliance like toaster, coffee maker etc. also a circuit for your lighting, one for the fridge, microwave, dish washer, garbage disposal, oven, cook top, wine coolers and more. Now that you have to add all these circuits its important that you assure that you have enough space in your electrical panel, and once a service load calculation is performed that you have a service rating that can handle the new appliances added to your load calculation.

Kitchen Lighting is very important, nobody likes to cook or prep in a dark kitchen. This is when an experienced electrician comes into play and can make recommendations and what type of lights and how many you will need to supply your kitchen with enough lighting. A rule of thumb for kitchen lighting is that you can never have too much, remember, you can install dimmers to dimm the light when you want less but can’t make them brighter once the project is completed. Recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, chandeliers, and pendant lighting, are just a few types of lights that can make up your kitchen lighting layout, along with the lighting you can also install dimmers to get that perfect intensity and please go with LEDs their are the best kinds of lights on the market, Trust us you will be glad you did, check out our post about different types of lighting so you can understand the difference in the current types of lighting available.

Full House Remodels

Whether you’re buying a home that needs updating or currently live in one that needs to be brought into the 21st century, you can count on us to help you with this project. Full house remodels will consist of everything we covered in the bathroom and kitchen remodels, plus we need to take into consideration your electrical service. Like we mentioned before, when you pull a permit, anything in your electrical system not up to current codes needs to be corrected or it will not pass inspection. Some items that come up when a permit is pulled are smoke detectors, GFCIs, grounding systems, AFCIs, receptacle spacing, and tamper resistant receptacles. Your experienced electrical contractor can guide you through these situations before your project begins so you don’t have any surprises or delay in your project,

Remodels on your home can be fun and exciting, but with the wrong contractors they can be very stressful and can add up quickly with the unexpected, so please hire a licensed electrician that can guide you through the process and avoid these delays and budget crushing surprises. Here at Power Pro we specialize in remodels and can help you avoid these delays and keep your project on time and most importantly on budget.

Residential Electricians Miami

Any remodel big or small Power Pro Electrical does it all, we can help you with all the aspects of your remodel, make recommendations, let you know what needs updating and giving you a realistic budget to make your project as stress free as possible. We also offer free estimates on any project, give us a call today and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. If you have any questions or concerns please call our office or reply to this post and we will answer you in a timely manner.

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