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Here at Power pro Electrical we offer many services, from new construction to remodels, new circuits and more. We like to take a minute to inform you of what we offer and our specialties. We have been in business for over 15 years and take pride in our work, we only use the best quality materials and train our techs in providing the best customer service. We believe that our customers deserve more than high prices for shotty work, we would like to explain a bit of what sets us apart from the rest.

Residential electricians for homeowners

Home owners are our main customers they make up about 40 to 50 {8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} of our business, and we love to help them in any way we can. We understand that ones home is their castle, and for this reason we always take there peace of mind into consideration. We arrive on time and inform our customers of what work will be done, all the while we prep, protect and clean up after our selves. Residential electrical work can consist of many aspects, from new lighting to new circuits, security lighting, internet connections, smart TV set-ups, and the list goes on.

Who does not like to save money? Money is slowly earned at spent quickly if one is not careful. But there are a few things you can do to help shave a few dollars from your electrical bill.

  1. LEDs LEDs LEDS, we can’t say it enough, lighting is one of the aspects of your bill that often goes unnoticed. From the time we wake up until the last TV is off the lights are always on, especially if you have kids that seem to hate turning off the lights. One quick option to offset this expense is switching over to LED bulbs and fixtures, LEDs have become very affordable and reliable. LEDs will soon be the main source of lighting because they are 80{8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and 40 {8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} more efficient than even florescent. They produce an equivalent amount of Lumens ( lumens is a fancy word for how bright they get) with less than half the wattage ( wattage another fancy word that means how much power they use, also the power company charges you based on wattage) and if that weren’t enough they produce very little heat, which in turn will help reduce your cooling cost.
  2. Now that we have that covered we can talk about dimmers which will reduce your wattage consumption even further, they allow you to set the intensity of your lights to a comfortable level and the dimmers will always go to this level when turned on, but can always be adjusted if you ever need more or less lighting. One dimmer that we like to use in the filed is Lutron Maestro dimmers with digital fade, these dimmers never go over 90{8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} power factor which means they save you wattage right out of the box, digital fade means that they continuously dimm until the lights turn off when you turn off the dimmer which gives it a nice effect, add these with Lutron screw less cover plates and you will dramatically improve the look of your residence with the convince of these dimmers.
  3. Occupancy sensors are mainly used in commercial settings but are slowly making there way into our homes, How many times’ have you gone to your kids bedroom to find the lights on for hours on end and also the bathroom light? there is a quick fix to this and they are know as occupancy sensors, they sense when someone comes in the room and turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity, and always have an override switch which lets you control the light like a regular switch.
  4. Recently smart thermostats have made the market and are a good way to take control of another heavyweight which is your cooling bill, We use the Nest thermostats which work like tour regular thermostats with the bonus of connecting to your WIFI and being able to control them with your smart phone or tablet, also these thermostats also learn your habits and program themselves accordingly. And you can always over ride them with the flip of a switch, or smart phone, or tablet, or the thermostat itself.




Residential Electricians- Remodels

Remodels are some of the most stressful situations for homeowners, we have seen it many times’ a quick kitchen remodel that was supposed to be 3 weeks is on month 2 and so on and so forth. Electrical is one of the most crucial aspects of a remodel. Electricians get supplied with drawings without measurements and have to coordinate with all the trades and the home-owner and appliance manufacturer to make sure we get the placement of the appliances correct while maintaining compliance with code and not interfering with other trades all the while satisfying the customer with the ascetics. In this situation it is great to have an electrical contractor that has gone through this many times’ and has the know how to get through these complications in the most efficient manner. All the while placing our connection points just right so when the appliances go in they fir like they are supposed to. Often times’ we have seen electrician without the proper training place outlets between 2 cabinets, or too low, or not complying with kitchen outlet spacing requirements which then requires opening up the walls patching finished walls and delaying the already long remodel process. Along with our know how we offer you the latest and greatest options for your remodel, from under cabinet LED lighting to sound and internet connection for your recipe assistant, Power Pro Electrical does it all and we would love to assist you on your next remodel.

Trouble shooting and repair

Why is this outlet or light not working? Good question why Indeed, there are many reasons why a light or outlet may stop working. But to get to the root of the problem we need some more info, as electricians we start with the obvious. Did you check the light bulb? Do you know if what you are plugging in works? now that we got those out of the way next thing we try is the breakers, sometimes the breaker looks like it’s on but it’s actually tripped ( tripped means that it is not in the on or off position, rather it’s in middle of both) an easy way to check this is open your breaker panel cover and push each breaker lever into the on position which is the position that al the breakers are in, in doing so you might notice one that is slightly in the middle, if you find this than the breaker is tripped and hopefully you can simply turn it to the off position and back on which we call resetting the breakers. If it stays on than your good just keep on eye one it if it happens again call us for mare trouble shooting, could be a bad breaker or an overloaded circuit. Now if the breaker trips right away with a strong buzzing sound then you have a short circuit and this needs the immediate attention of a licensed electrician. Now very Importantly is a flickering light, or an outlet that works with a sizzling sound, DO NOT USE THESE DEVICES PLEASE, they are a FIRE HAZARD, discontinue use and call an electrician immediately. And please get smoke detectors installed no matter what the cost we wire them with battery back up for about $90 a piece including labor and material but they can and will save you and your families life, and if you have gas appliances or an attached garage you need a CO2 sensor as well. SAFTEY FIRST OUR FAMILIES SAFTEY IS WORTH MORE THAN A FEW BUCKS

Service Upgrade

If you have purchased an older house chances are that your home has a┬áservice of 100 amps, new codes require a house have a minimum of 150 amps but if you need to upgrade might as well go to 200 it cost about the same, either way for a job like this you need a licensed electrician to make a load calculation on your house and respective appliances and equipment. Based upon this calculation we can determine what size service to need but you can always go bigger for future expansion. One thing to keep in mind that when you pull a permit you need to bring your entire system up to code which mean that if you pull a permit for changing a panel the meter and ground system, and smoke detectors must all be up to code. All these requirements sounds like a real pain, but it’s for the safety of your electrical system and in turn the safety of your family. Electrical wiring is an important necessity but done the wrong way can be a danger lease use only licensed electricians when doing any work in your home. We like to say cheaper is no better, only because a light turns on does not mean it’s wired correctly, and even a broken clock is right twice a day. Call us today for a free evaluation of your system and a free estimate,

Call A Pro

Power Pro Electrical is your best choice for a quality installation, we take pride in our work, and guarantee all our projects for 1 year. We use the best materials and want to offer you the best customer service. Call us today for a free estimate and a pleasant experience.





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