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LEDs are quickly taking over the lighting market, and for good reason too. LEDs lights now come in all different styles and applications, and have quickly made themselves into a leader in their market.

There are many reasons why you should consider swapping your existing lights to these new LEDs, whether you live in a single family home or want them in your place of business, we will explain in detail why the time to swap is now and waiting will actually cost you more.

Residential LED lighting

How many light fixtures do you have in your home? It is something you probably never really considered, but their is probably more than you think. No matter how many you have or what type of lights they are chances are that their is a LED equivalent light fixture that can replace your existing un-efficient lights with these new efficient LEDs.

First of all at most importantly is the savings you will see when switching over to LEDs. On average LEDs will save you approximately 60 to 70{8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} off your lighting cost, a regular incandescent bulb will use 70 to 100 watts of power to light up a small space like a closet or bathroom while an equivalent LED bulb with the same amount of Lumens (brightness) but at 10 to 12 watts. Now if you multiply this savings by the number of light fixtures you will be surprised to see how much you could actually save from this switch.

Also these new LEDs will produce far less heat than the old style bulbs you might currently have, again heat from one bulb might not seem like much but when you consider the amount of heat coming off all the lights in your house, it becomes a significant amount. It is almost like having very small space heaters working against your AC unit.

Lastly you get the piece of mind that you will not have to change a bulb every couple of months, because LEDs are known for lasting years, sometimes up to 10 years or more, which also save you time and money from buying more bulbs and having to run to the hardware store trying to figure out how many, what kind, what color, and what base you need.

No matter what kind of lights you have from sconce lights, recessed lights, pendants, outdoor lights, and chandeliers, their is n option for you. With all these reasons its easy to see why LEDs are the right choice.

Commercial LED lighting

Led lights are great for your place of business as well. If you have a small office, resturant, store, an entire building or shopping center, the right type of LED is available to help provide enough light while saving you money.

Commercial lighting can differ from residential lighting because in most cases they are at a different voltage from the rest of the building, by design most lighting circuits are at 277 volts rather than the normal 120 volts. They do this in order to reduce the amperage load on the electrical system, because the higher the voltage the lower the amperage. In other words it saves on cost by reducing the size of electrical service required.

Either way 120 or 277 volts, LEDs come in any voltage required to replace your existing lights. Most of the lights used in commercial applications are florescent, high hats, and good old-fashioned incandescent. But in most cases florescent make up around 50 to 90{8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204} of the lighting load for this commercial application. Florescent are the 2×2 or 4×2 lights you installed in suspended ceilings, and can simply be converted to LED by removing the florescent bulbs and by passing the ballast then installing the new LED tube bulbs, also you can replace these fixtures completely by removing them and installing new LED panels identically sized like the old ones.

High hats are the round circle lights in the ceiling that are recessed into the ceiling, these can be florescent, halogen, or incandescent, but now they make LED retro fits which means you can leave the fixture but just replace the bulb with a new LED trim that makes for a great sleek look while saving on energy cost. Also, they come in many colors shapes and sizes, no matter which ones you currently have installed their is a retrofit that will work for you.

Last but not least their is incandescent lights which can come in many forms from coach light which are lights usually installed by doors on the exterior, sconce lights which are the lights installed on the wall, and surface mounted lights which are self explanatory, these fixtures are usually a work of art and you might not want to replace them, so a simple solution is just replace the bulb with a new LED equivalent bulb that way you get to keep the fixture but get the convenience of these new lights.

Industrial and street LED lighting

Industrial Lights include all the lights we discussed on the residential and commercial light but also include Metal halide, high pressure sodium, high bay and low bay lights for the interior, and wall pack and pole lights for the exterior,

The thing about industrial applications is that they are equipped with hundreds if not thousands of lights, and industrial application can see some of the largest savings from making the switch, again like commercial applications these lights can be replaced with their LED equivalent fixture or can be retrofitted with new LED bulbs while using the same fixture.

The savings can be outstanding when you consider that the amount of power used by the lighting can be reduced by up to 70{8f1931bf6f567d5ae739c786ed4fc8700d96a1049ed8784e9cb442daf0086204}. Which in turn can actually mean that the cost of making this switch can pay for itself in 2 years, then the rest of the 8 to 12 years of the LEDs expected life will be all savings. It is a no brainer that LEDs are the way to go, install these along with other money saving devices like lighting systems, occupancy sensors, photocells and timers, and you will have a great lighting system that will produce enough lighting required while helping your bottom line.

We offer free energy audits and can explain the benefits of this switch, along with LEDs we will advise you about other ways you can save money on your electrical bill.

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Out of all these applications the benefits are the same, saving money on your bill, while giving your place a new-look and not having to change a bulb for years rather than months.

So if you would like to discuss your options for your place whether its residential commercial or industrial we can meet you and explain in full detail exactly how much we can save you,

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