Electrical Panels, upgrades and replacemnt

Your homes electrical panel is like the heart of your electrical system. Basically it takes the power coming from the meter and distributes is to all the circuits in your home, and also has smaller circuit breakers to protect the individual branch circuit or dedicated circuits based on the power consumption and wire size.

These panels are also equipped with a Main circuit breaker which protects the entire panel from overloads and short circuits, installed correctly this panels will last for years. But after many years or due to bad wiring these panels can and will fail, and it will be time for a replacement and also consider if you need an upgrade for a larger electrical service.

When it’s time for a change

There are many reasons one might need to replace or upgrade their panel

Your Panel is outdated and a fire hazard: Depending the brand and age of your panel it is possible it could be a fire hazard, Zinsco and Federal Pacific are ones to look out for, also if you have fuses rather than breakers your panel is definitely out-of-date and possibly very dangerous.

Relocating the panel: If you are doing a remodel in your home in might be necessary to relocate the panel to a location that better suites your needs. We like to recommend moving it to the garage or a hallway, but it can also be installed in a bedroom or living area. It can not be installed in closets, kitchens or bathroom, also you must maintain a 3-foot clearance around the panel for emergency access and work space clearance. So if your panel is in one of these illegal location or in a kitchen cabinet, please call us for a free estimate on bring your panel up to code.

You’re adding circuits but have no more space: Times have changed and so have electrical codes, in fact the electrical code book gets updated every 3 years, and chances are that if you live in an older home your electrical service is no longer sufficient for the amount of power an average home uses today. Let’s say your remodeling your kitchen, which only had 2 circuits feeding it, but now you pull a permit and have to do a load calculation and have dedicated circuits for your fridge, dish washer/garbage disposal, microwave, 2 small appliance circuits and more, those 2 circuits are no longer enough to feed your remodeled kitchen and if your panel amperage rating and circuit capacity cannot handle these additions it’s time to upgrade.

Whatever the reason, if you think you might need a panel replacement or upgrade call us and we will be glad to help you find the best solution for your panel.

Its no big deal

Panel replacement and upgrades scare alot of people because it sounds like a big job, but in reality it’s usually a 1 or 2 day job. The way it works is:

  1. You call you licensed electrician and recieve a Free estimate and agree on a price.
  2. Drawings and permits are prepared and submitted to city for approval.
  3. Once permits are approved work begins and the old panel is removed and the new one goes in, with all new breakers and label all circuits.
  4. Any additional work is performed, usually if you do not have smoke detectors the city will require them to be installed, 1 in each bedroom and in the adjoining hallway, also if you have gas appliances or an attached garage you will need a carbon monoxide detector as well on each level of the house.
  5. Inspection is scheduled once all work is completed and if approved, that is it the job is over.

Five easy steps is usually all it takes to get your job completed, some cities will approve your permit application in 1 day but others might take a week or two. The job itself is usually completed in 1 day but sometimes it does take 2 days but usually never more than 2 days.

Why use a licensed electrician

There are many reasons you should hire a licensed electrician for this job, sometimes it might be tempting to hire a Jack of all trades to save a few buck but then you don’t know if the job was done right. When you hire a licensed electrician and pull a permit it’s like having insurance on the installation, anything goes wrong and the contractors’ insurance will get involved. Also, a city inspector will come by to assure you the job was completed up to current codes. Also, not hiring a licensed electrician can lead to a dangerous electrical system and can put you and your loved ones at risk of electrical shock or fire.

Here at Power Pro we offer a guarantee on panel installations and everything we do, if something goes wrong we will make a trip back to your property and fix it at no additional charge, that’s the piece of mind you get when you call a licensed professional and knowing the job was done by an experienced electrician.

Call us today

We are here to help, we have completed 100s of panel installations for both residential and commercial customers, also we only us the best materials and perform quality installations. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation and a free estimate.

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